Tension Tools.

Standard Tensioners

Versatile and reliable tensioners suitable for all bolting applications
Optimised for top-side applications they are perfect for tightening ANSI,ASME and API Flanges. Quick and simple to use, installed in minutes.

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Multistage Tensioners

Optimised for use on wind Turbines
Suitable for high load and tight space applications, designed for long-life, low maintenance use. Suitable for single and multiple bolted joints. Extensively used for slew rings, power gun application to name a few.

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Mono Single Stage Tensioners

Suitable for High Loads and Confined spaces with limited overhead space
Hydraulic Tensioners are designed for speed. Fast spring piston retract, geared nut run-down and spring located sockets. High cycle life, over-stroke protection and the latest seal technology.).

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Base Foundation Tensioners

Designed specifically for tightening foundation bolts
Versatile and reliable hydraulic bolt tensioners suitable for high load, tight space applications, and for variable and extended set protrusions.

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Twist Grip Safety Handle

Quick - Easy - Safe
The safety handle allows easy movement for tools from bolt to bolt, and adds a layer of protection for the operator by shielding the hose tool connection.

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