Hydraulic Torque & Tension Pumps.

FE 55 Electric Torque Pump (800 BAR)

Compatible with Various Recordable Verification Systems
The FE 55 Hydraulic Torque Pump offers optimum speed and reliability and is ideal for both general maintenance and heavy duty, heavy cycle turnaround programme. Supplied with a durable protective cage this pump can handle the daily abuse often associated with bolting operations. Simplicity ensures reliability.

Specification Sheet

HP 110-3 & FP-280-3 Pneumatic Torque Pump (800 BAR)

For use in an explosive environment 
Pneumatic pumps are often the only solution in certain environments, the HP 110 and FP 280 offer high performance, reliability and speed for all bolting applications. All pumps are supplied with a protection cage as standard.

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HDF2000 Hi Pressure Tension Pump

High pressure, heavy duty pump
The radial piston pump is amplified by a booster with a ration of 13:1 ensuring working pressures of up to 2000 bar is generated.

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Electro Mini Tension Pump (1500/2500 BAR (110/240V)

Supplied fully contained in its own flight case
This portable pump is suitable for all types of high pressure operations and suitable for use in remote operations. Encased in its own flight case and with incorporated gauges, fitted safety pressure release valve and a pressure setting valve for precise control.

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Electro Max Tension Pump (1500/2500 BAR (110/240V)

Multi Purpose Units suitable for all types of Bolt tensioning
Fitted with FMF Fine Mesh Filter improves reliability of equipment by cleaning hose and tensioner equipment through the filter unit before tensioning operation.

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