Battery Torque Tools.

Volta Battery Torque Tool

Utility Range
The VOLTA Battery Torque Tool is our utility range - a cost effective solution for all applications. It is a simple to operate, robust and supplied with proven and reliable gearbox technology delivering torque-controlled Bolting. The VOLTA has an easy-to-use interface for torque adjustment. There are 5 models available up to a Max torque of 6000 Ft Lbs, available with a 2nd trigger option for safety.

Specification Sheet

Acradyne Transducerised Battery Tool ABETP

High Tech Range
The Acradyne Transducerised Battery torque tool has a built-in transducer for measurement and traceability and unparalleled accuracy of +-3%. Available in three modes, Torque Control, Torque Control Angle Monitor and Torque Control + Angle. The tool has wireless capabilities for live monitoring or data can be extracted via USB. Implementing traceability on jobs has never been so easy.

Specification Sheet

Acradyne Transducerised Battery Tool

Fully Customised Range
Built and programmed to suite our customers specific torque parameters and applications allowing for traceability both on site or remotely. Suitable for all industry applications, an example of use is in the wind industry for Torque Check, Component change out, Yaw Puck Resetting (GE) and Yaw Claw Spring adjustment (Vestas).

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