Intelligent Fastening Systems.

With today’s strict data recording standards and traceability requirements, the Acradyne High Torque DC bolting solutions eliminate guesswork and ensure torque values are accurate. These operate up to 100 times faster than hydraulic bolting tools and we offer a size to suit most applications.
Acradyne HT High Torque DC Electric Torque Wrench
The Acradyne Nut Runner has an inbuilt transducer to ensure torque values are accurate, this ensures optimal monitoring and control. Torque measurement is not affected by changes in gear efficiency, normal gear wear, calibrations, voltage or motor performance. The world’s only electric torque wrench traceable system at the square drive.
Documentation Systems
We offer an internet-based programming system to enable our customers to set job parameters and access real-time graphing quickly and easily on PC’s, tablets or smartphones. Up to date and accurate information is also available on angles, engineering units, bolt counts and job sequencing.

Industrial Tooling.

Modern day plant maintenance requires a multitude of equipment, that can be used easily and safely. Due to the complex nature of planned shutdowns, PBS has partnered with one of the world’s leading brands of industrial tooling, which means we can cater for any eventuality and application.
Jacking Systems / Hydraulic Lifting Jack / Hydraulic Cylinder Jack
We can provide a wide range of hydraulic jacking systems and cylinders, powered by manual or electric power packs. Our hydraulic cylinders include single stage, double acting, and solid or hollow plungers, to suit any application. We also offer tailored heavy lifting systems for precise positioning and bespoke applications. All these products are fully compliant to ASME B30.1.
Joint Assembly / Joint Separation / Associated Pumps
We offer a full range of single acting and hydraulic nut splitters, hydraulic and mechanical flange spreaders, and flange alignment tools and cable cutters.

Lifting & Height Safety

We have included a range of height safety and lifting equipment into our product portfolio to assist with planned maintenance programmes.

All of our height safety and lifting equipment conforms to CE safety standards.

Bolting Equipment.

Bolting practices are changing at a rapid pace - standard tooling is being replaced by faster, more compact, and less cumbersome tooling. Our product range offers the latest technology whilst also remaining true to tried and tested bolting methods.
Torque Tooling
The PBS torque tooling range has a tried and tested tool for every application.
  • Hydraulic square drive tools and low-profile tools calibrated up to 35,000 Nm
  • Easy to use pneumatic torque tools calibrated up to 8,100 Nm
  • Our lithium battery torque tool is the most portable, robust and user-friendly tool in the industry and is calibrated up to 4,000 Nm
Tension Tooling
Our range of tensioners includes sub-sea tensioners with high load capacities to satisfy API 17D – 10K flanges and tensioners designed to suit most wind industry applications.

Bespoke Accessories.

Our specialty is providing the latest innovative, safe and easy to use products, whether a system is designed and developed in partnership with a client or single sourced.

Stud Extractor

We offer the number 1 industrial stud puller on the market, which removes studs in seconds. It eliminates side loading and side torsion through the use of pneumatic energy, which increases productivity and makes it safer. It’s suitable for stud sizes from M20 to M82 and can be used on valves, motors, turbines and casings, amongst other things.

Positive Lock Socket

The Positive Lock socket locks on the nut during bolting operations, enables tooling to be operated remotely, ensuring the whole system, both tool and socket doesn’t disconnect from the nut. The Positive Lock socket can be used in any orientation, even inverted, eliminating the possibility of tool slippage, pinch points and reducing user fatigue. A truly” hands free “ universal accessory, can be used on existing tooling, no need for additional washers or change in nut configuration and no EC (Engineering Change) required. The safety of the operator is ensured when this tool is used in conjunction with the quadrant back up wrench.